Frequently Asked Questions


So it’s a bit weird to write FAQs for a blog that’s just started but I figured there might

be some questions that most readers are likely to have and tried to anticipate such questions here

What motivated you to start this blog?

Having finally accepted the diagnosis of diabetes I figured that perhaps my experience could help others in a similar situation. Plus, I’m a trainer and life coach and have a lot of stuff about personal development that I want to get off my chest!

So what ARE you doing do to get fit and stay fit, Rana?
How are you managing the diabetes?
  • A radical change of diet – helped by daily regular blood sugar level testing.
  • Medication – Metformin (x2 in the morning and x2 at night), a Statin (x1 each morning). Did have Gliclazide, but now take 1 Sitagliptin each night, with the Metformin.
  • Exercise (as noted above).
What do you do for a living?

I’m self-employed and work as a freelance trainer, and life coach. At present I mostly freelance as a Compliance Viewer for the British Board of Film Classification.